immigration law
immigration law
immigration law

Permanent Residence

(a) Skilled Worker Immigrants – based on a point system with points awarded for education, occupation and other factors.

(b) Business Entrepreneurs – with management or supervisory business experience and a minimum net worth wishing to own all or part of a business in Canada and actively participate in management.

(c) Business Investors – with business background, a minimum net worth wishing to invest for a specific term without active participation in management. 

(d) Business Self-Employed – with specific skills and transferable experience that would enable applicant to be successfully self-employed in Canada.

(e) Family Sponsorship -- by designated family members with status in Canada.

(f) Special Situations --  based on particular employment skill or humanitarian and compassionate consideration.

(g) Applications for citizenship

Temporary Visas

(h) Temporary applications include those to visit, to study and to work, including employees transferred by corporations and NAFTA visas.


(i) Asylum under Canada’s protection program for refugees and others at risk when they have reached Canada, or with sponsorship abroad.  For this area, contact us after arrival in Canada or by a sponsor in Canada.  



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